Roadside assistance with car battery jump start services

The vast majority of insurance companies include roadside assistance services, but it is usually an optional coverage.

For drivers who need to be covered in case of any roadside emergency, it is important to have a good roadside assistance plan.

You should know that all roadside assistance plans offer coverage 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even on holidays (24/7). You can always contact the companies when you need assistance, now let’s see what a roadside assistance service covers.

What does roadside assistance cover?

Roadside assistance includes services to help you get your vehicle back on the road or to a repair shop if necessary. These assistance plans typically include the following services:

Towing: porting your vehicle to the nearest mechanic or one of your choice within a set distance which, if exceeded, may incur an extra charge.

Battery jump start: if your car runs out of power to start, they will send a battery jump start service.

Flat tire service: roadside flat tire repair.

Lockout service: anyone can forget their keys inside the car.

Fuel delivery: if you run out of fuel, the assistance service will send someone to bring you enough fuel so that you can go to a gas station to refuel.

Winch: if your car gets stuck on the road, they will help you free it.

How to use roadside assistance?

You must call the telephone number indicated in the assistance plan contracted. They will agree with you the time of the repair or the time it will take to send help.

Which companies offer roadside assistance plans in the United States?

Most major insurance companies will offer roadside assistance plans as an extra option on your auto insurance policy.

There is the option to purchase a stand-alone roadside assistance service for a monthly or annual fee.

Are roadside assistance plans worth it?

Roadside assistance can give you peace of mind, knowing that you will be taken care of when something unexpected happens, no matter where you are. If you depend on your car for work or your daily chores, a roadside assistance plan is worth taking out.

Companies that offer assistance plans:


Allstate Motor Club is a comprehensive roadside assistance policy but is among the most expensive. This add-on will cost between $86 and $144 per year, depending on the package chosen. The service includes fuel delivery, lockout, jump start, flat tire change and trip planning.

It also covers towing, but the price is capped at $150 to $200 per tow. It is also limited in the number of calls, which can range from three to five, depending on the package. You can purchase this roadside assistance independently, even if you don’t have an Allstate insurance policy.

United StatesA

For as little as $14 a year, you can add roadside assistance to your auto insurance policy. This provides all normal roadside assistance services and pays up to $100 per incident. Policyholders can call USAA’s roadside assistance provider, Agero, on their own or through the USAA website. You can also request reimbursement for payments already made.


AAA is an uninsured roadside assistance service that charges between $38 and $164 per year, depending on the services you request. Its policy limits service calls to four per year and provides towing to AAA-approved repair facilities or a preferred mechanic. You can also opt for the more expensive Plus plan, which allows towing up to 100 miles. That’s the farthest of any roadside assistance policy.


Geico roadside assistance also costs about $14 a year and gives policyholders up to five service calls a year for jump-starting, towing, flat tire change and lockout services. The easiest way to request roadside assistance with Geico is through its app. You’ll have the necessary information about your vehicle and policy and can also provide the service technician with a GPS location.


Progressive Insurance provides roadside assistance as a policy option for an average cost of $16 per year. Coverage includes all major roadside services and towing within 15 miles. The monthly rate is slightly higher than some of their competitors, but all roadside services are offered under their policy.

State Farm

State Farm Emergency Roadside Service is their additional roadside assistance policy, which costs about $14 per year. Roadside assistance includes towing service, lockout, tire change and gas service. If you have State Farm insurance and don’t purchase their roadside assistance option, you can still call them. They will work with their providers to negotiate a reasonable price.

Should I buy roadside assistance from my insurance company?

.Purchasing roadside assistance from your insurance company will provide 24/7 service at a rate that is generally less than purchasing from an independent provider. If your car experiences a breakdown or other complication while driving, help is just a phone call away. For the price, roadside assistance can easily pay for itself after an incident and allows you to drive with more confidence, even on long road trips.

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