How to jump a car properly: quick guide

Starting a car properly is not difficult if you know how to do it. In this small guide we explain you point by point and in a summarized way how to do it.

How to jump a car properly

Battery cables are a set of plastic-coated cables with four ends, two on each side of the ends. They serve to connect a car battery to a charger, which could be another vehicle or a booster (a kind of portable energy storage).

To make a battery back-up and to perform this whole process with the proper precautions, do a preliminary analysis of your car and check if you have all the necessary material (battery cables).

Charging the connection cables

  1. Start by parking your car next to the one that will help you, without the risk of them touching;
  2. Engines in both cars should be off;
  3. With the hoods open, locate the batteries. If the batteries are covered by plastic, remove them so that the battery pins are exposed;
  4. After you have already picked up your connecting cables (they are usually in the trunk), connect the red cable to the positive terminal of the discharged battery and then to the positive terminal of the operational battery;
  5. Then connect the black or negative cable to the negative terminal of the operational battery. The other end connect to an unpainted metal surface of the engine or car frame with the discharged battery. This prevents a spark from occurring near the battery, which could cause an explosion.

Starting the engine

  1. Start the engine of the operational car and let it idle for a few minutes. Doing this will allow time for the discharged battery to charge;
  2. The moment of truth has arrived, start the car engine with the discharged battery and wait for the engine noise;
  3. If all is well, the starter motor is operational and you can start dealing with removing the cables and get back on the road..;
  4. Now let’s proceed in reverse, removing the black cable first and then the red one.

Back to the road

  1. When removing the connecting cables, proceed in reverse. Remove the black cable first, then the red one;
  2. Finally, let the engine continue to run for the battery to “come back to life”.

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