How long to leave car running after jump?

After starting a car with jumper cables, the general advice is usually to drive for half an hour to recharge the battery. This is usually the case, but better advice than the first would be to go to a garage to check the condition of your battery. The battery has probably reached the end of … Read more

Roadside assistance with car battery jump start services

The vast majority of insurance companies include roadside assistance services, but it is usually an optional coverage. For drivers who need to be covered in case of any roadside emergency, it is important to have a good roadside assistance plan. You should know that all roadside assistance plans offer coverage 24 hours a day, seven … Read more

How to jump a car properly: quick guide

Starting a car properly is not difficult if you know how to do it. In this small guide we explain you point by point and in a summarized way how to do it. How to jump a car properly Battery cables are a set of plastic-coated cables with four ends, two on each side of … Read more

Portable car jump starter: a good travel companion

If you live in a cold climate or have an old car that tends to give battery problems from time to time, it is worth carrying in the trunk of your car an accessory that will help you jump start your car’s battery in an emergency. How to choose a portable car jump starter? It … Read more

How to jump a starter solenoid

The starter solenoid in your vehicle is the switch that supplies power from the battery to the starter motor, which turns the engine over and starts your vehicle. When the solenoid goes out, you cannot start your car and are usually stranded. Solenoids are not difficult to install, but if your car won’t start, you … Read more

How to jump a car without a car

In most situations we will have another car to connect the ignition cables to in order to start a car that has run down its battery: a neighbor, a friendly person’s car passing by on the same road, or the towing service sent to us by our insurance company. However, there are other ways to … Read more

How to jump start an electric car?

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How to jump a car with pictures

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